The Importance of Giving Back

Having worked and lived in and around the agricultural world for most of my life, I deeply understand the importance of agriculture and what is means to "feed the world." Farmers and ranchers are the bloodline in our country. Without them we really would have no food to eat. Where does all of our food come from? It comes from the hands of hard-working ranchers who day in and day out work to make sure their livestock are fed and content. It comes from the prayers of farmers who ask for rain to ensure they have a healthy crop. It comes from the hard working families who meticulously clean their hog barns and chicken sheds to ensure not a single germ gets in to the facility so your chicken and pork is free from disease. Our food doesn't come from grocery stores. It comes from the salt of the earth; that salt being farmers and ranchers.

However one thing that I have come to know and understand first-hand is that even though we as producers do feed the world, there is a large population of people in our communities who aren't being fed. Children.  Having worked in agriculture it has always been a frustration of mine that many people really have NO idea where their food comes from. They believe that their food magically appears on the shelves of HyVee. Yet having worked in education I've also come to realize that there are WAY too many children who don't know when their next meal will be. Their only meal is the lunch they get at school. How can we worry about where our food comes from when there are so many children who go hungry every day?

It's for this reason that at Crow Butte Beef we give back. Giving back is the foundation for our business. Crow Butte Beef raises all-natural Nebraska beef. Our beef grades USDA Prime. People pay a premium for USDA Prime Nebraska beef. But that premium goes towards an important cause at Crow Butte Beef. A cause very close to our hearts. We donate 5% of EVERY sale to local child hunger programs in the communities of our customers. We want our customers to realize that while they are enjoying a tender, juicy Crow Butte Beef USDA Prime ribeye, they have also provided 10-30 meals for hungry children in their area. 

In the United States, one in every six children are hungry. Just $1.00 can provide anywhere from one to three meals a day for hungry children in our communities. We are so thankful for our customers and for the donations we've been able to make to child hunger programs all across the country. At Crow Butte Beef we really do strive to feed the world.