Crow Butte Beef: From Banking to Beef

After forty years in banking I've retired. March 31st was my final day as a banker. I greatly enjoyed my time working in the banking industry. I met some wonderful people and worked with an amazing team. We never had a bad day.

But my retirement from banking was just the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. I've always been in the cattle business. I bought my first 4-H calf when I was 8 years old. I was raised on a farm in Northeast Nebraska and my dad was a lifetime farmer so I've been around agriculture all my life and working in the cattle industry as a banker just made sense.

Our family's operation sits at the base of Crow Butte in northwest Nebraska. We raise all-natural black angus cattle. We contract our cattle with Whole Foods because our cattle are raised all-natural. We don't give implants or hormones. We quickly discovered that 30-40% of our cattle were grading prime, however those carcasses were being shipped off to the coasts to upscale restaurants.

My daughters and I decided we would start our own beef company and call it Crow Butte Beef. We wanted to sell our prime cuts directly to consumers. We knew there were people who appreciated quality, prime beef and we wanted to be their supplier.

Crow Butte Beef offers both prime and choice bundles of beef. We offer single-source ground beef as well. This means that each pound of our ground beef comes from one, single animal instead of thousands of animals combined. We can trace each cut back to its original animal.

Most importantly we donate 5% of all proceeds to local child hunger programs. As producers we understand the importance of feeding the world and there is a surprising amount of children who don't get food. We want to make sure that what we do helps feed hungry children and that will always be very important to us.

You can view our website at Our bundles make great gifts as well. We will ship wherever you wish and we ship/deliver for FREE! You can be guaranteed that the beef you receive will be the best of the best! We invite you to taste the difference!