Cattle as Killers? When is Enough Enough?

With all this talk about imitation beef or more specifically, Beyond Beef and the apparently awful effects cattle are posing to our world, I feel like I need to speak up. I feel like I need to say my piece and join the party. I'm not speaking up to change anyone's diet choices or force anyone to eat a specific product. I don't really care what people eat.  But I do feel like I need to defend an industry I love and an industry that supports my livelihood. 

I've always felt like agriculture gets an unfair rep and I've felt first hand the disconnect between producers and consumers. Sure, everyone wants to know where their food comes from. Everyone wants to know what it is exactly that they are putting into their bodies and feeding to their children. That's just being smart. But when the media and other groups create false content to sell stories it really bothers me. Especially when it comes to agriculture. 

To be more specific I'm going to focus on the New York Times article titled, "Fake Meat Will Save Us." Ummm WHAT?! The title of the article alone enrages me. Yes this imitation beef looks like beef, bleeds like beef, smells like beef and tastes like beef. Yes its becoming a fast-growing phenomenon across the United States and beef-loving skeptics are quickly changing their minds.  But to say things like, "At a moment when animal-based agriculture is near the top of planet-killing culprits, ditching meat for substitutes, faux or otherwise, is the most effective thing an individual can do to fight climate change," is absolutely ridiculous!! It makes my blood boil! Where exactly do they get their science to make these claims.

Cattle are actually wonderful for the environment. They fight global warming by restoring carbon to the soil. Cattle produce methane in their waste products and this methane helps to return ground to its most natural state. And isn't that what people want these days? All-natural everything? Furthermore, just by walking through their pastures cattle help press the methane in to the ground and by simply eating grass they actually stimulate new growth through seed germination. Read the article "5 Ways Cattle Are Actually Good for the Environment" at to find out several more ways in which cattle are NOT "planet-killers". 

And by the way it takes 441 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, not 660 gallons for a quarter pound burger as the New York Times article states. You can call the University of California-Davis to check my facts. 

People can choose the food they want.  They can chose whether they like imitation beef or real beef. As I've said before I don't really care what people eat actually. My family produces real beef. We raise a quality animal that produces a quality product. Some people love it. Some people don't. And that's okay. But let's stop this bashing of an industry that works tirelessly to feed the world. And lets stop making false, ridiculous claims that an animal that has been around since the beginning of time and has been a fantastic source of iron for people for generations, is at the top of the list of "planet-killing culprits."