Casserole Crusade

I love to cook. Its one of my most favorite things to do. I look forward to cooking dinner every night for my family. However just because I enjoy cooking does not mean I am good at it! I would love to create more intricate dishes with fancy ingredients but for one, I just don't have the time. Working full time and raising three kiddos keeps me on my toes!  That's why I lean on casseroles to make my life easier. They are fun and easy to make and you can really get creative with ingredients!

One of my favorite casseroles to make is a traditional, super simple hamburger noodle casserole. Its rich in flavor and definitely filling. My kids love it and the leftovers are just as good. I like to serve it with warm bread and either a fruit salad or applesauce. 

My hamburger noodle casserole uses two pounds of Crow Butte ground beef. One pound of ground beef just isn't enough. I brown the beef first with a little bit of onion. Then I add it to my cooked macaroni noodles. I love diced celery in this recipe. It gives the casserole a little bit of crunch and texture. My mother always used frozen peas which isn't my favorite but can serve as a nice substitute if you don't have celery.

Cream of mushroom soup mixed with milk makes this dish rich and creamy. Make sure you use two cans of the soup so the casserole doesn't dry out. There's nothing worse than dry noodles and beef. Top with shredded cheddar cheese and you've got a delicious, hot meal that everyone will love. 

You can check out the entire Hamburger Noodle Casserole recipe by clicking on this link.